Define the Decade

The Business Council of Alberta

June 24, 2022 || 11:30 AM (MST)

The time is now to think deeply and strategically about our future. The Ireland-Alberta Trade Association invites you to an engaging and informative lunch session featuring the Business Council of Alberta.


The Business Council of Alberta will share its recently published flagship project, Define the Decade. This project sets out a vision for the province’s future and a plan to create prosperity for all Albertans through a competitive, sustainable, and prosperous economy.


To achieve this vision, the BCA proposes a mission-driven approach – one that directs Alberta's strengths and assets towards global- and humanity-scale challenges and opportunities. Based on our research, we have identified three global missions that Alberta is uniquely positioned to take on and deliver solutions:


  • Sustainable and healthy food

  • Low Carbon Energy, Carbon-Based Materials, and Minerals

  • A Healthy World

Define the Decade is a major research and engagement project that looks to explore how businesses, Albertans and policy makers come together to make life better for Albertans over the next decade. The IATA is pleased to host this presentation to inform stakeholders on how Irish-Albertan trade can align itself with this vision.


Join us to learn more about this ground-breaking research results and be inspired by the opportunities that lay ahead of us.


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Adam Legge 1.png

Adam Legge,


Business Council of Alberta

Adam is the President of the Business Council of Alberta. He has worked with the
founders since Day 1 of the organization to create something new and unique—an
organization of business leaders advocating for shared prosperity and a better life for


Adam has spent over two decades building and leading high-performance teams and
organizations in business, public policy, and economic development. He is a life-long
student of economics and history and believes strongly in the ability of a team to
create something remarkable.


He was the 18th President and CEO of the Calgary Chamber where he transformed a
struggling organization into a national and international award-winning entity. He is
the author of Making Remarkable, and former Director at the Haskayne School of
Business and Vice President and Chief Economist at Calgary Economic Development.
Adam serves on the Board of Vibrant Communities Calgary and on the boards of a
number of Calgary-based private companies

Alicia Planincic 1.jpg

Alicia Planincic,

Manager, Policy & Economics,

Business Council of Alberta

Alicia Planincic is Manager of Policy & Economics at the Business Council of Alberta.
She regularly provides insight and analysis on the Albertan and Canadian economy,
public finances, labour markets, equity and social mobility, and public policy. She leads
BCA’s regular economic analysis and outlook publications and work, including the
Alberta Snapshot, and advocates for policies to make Alberta a better place.


She brings a broad range of previous experience including leading projects in market
research at Nielsen and teaching economics and business to young adults. She holds a
BA in economics from Miami University and an MA in economics education from the
University of Georgia. Thanks to this background, she is passionate about bringing
data to life, and providing a fresh perspective.


Her philosophy of economics can be summed up in two parts: 1) economics is not
about money, it is about people and should therefore be centred on individuals and
human behaviour. And 2) the world is constantly changing; it’s on us to continually
update our knowledge, challenge our logic, and learn new ways of thinking.
As someone who found her way to the province later in life, her goal is to ensure that
Alberta is a place for everyone to dream, grow, and thrive—a place we can all proudly
call home.