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iCRAG Team Visits Alberta

On May 19, 2022, executives from iCRAG joined the IATA in Calgary for a industry roundtable discussion and a reception in Calgary, Alberta.

iCRAG is a world leading SFI Research Centre in Applied Geosciences hosted by University College Dublin, comprising 150 researchers across eight universities and institutions. Their team of researchers are creating solutions for a sustainable society. They develop innovative science and technologies to better understand the Earth’s past, present, and future and how people are connected to it.

Energy is a pivotal area of research and iCRAG sees Alberta as an ideal location rich in expertise to build synergies with industry and academic institutions.

Research areas being led by iCRAG include the development of methods for discovering the materials needed for decarbonisation such as electric vehicle batteries and wind turbines, as well as the sustainable construction materials required for building green infrastructure. The Centre is also developing cutting-edge technologies for the siting of marine renewable energy infrastructure and improved means of monitoring groundwater pollutants.

Industry Roundtable with 6 leaders from energy companies and educational institutions. Roundtable participants were led through a series of question by Ruhee Ismail-Teja, Director, Policy and Communications | Calgary Chamber of Commerce and covered three main areas of discussion.

  1. What is the energy transition landscape like in Alberta?

  2. What are some of the leading innovations in Alberta?

  3. What are the opportunities for export and collaboration as trading partners?

The discussion was followed by questions and ongoing discussions around technologies and opportunities.

The session was very engaging with discussions on the energy transition landscape and research collaboration opportunities between Alberta and Ireland. There were great learning experiences by all the attendees.

Following the Roundtable, key IATA Partners and guests from a variety of sectors and academic institutions from throughout Alberta, joined the roundtable guests for a reception. The event was most informative and there are definitely potential collaborative research opportunities for iCRAG to explore in the near future.

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