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Mission Announcement

Updated: Mar 21

Are you a technology company considering expansion to Ireland and the EU?

Ireland Alberta Trade Association in partnership with Calgary Economic Development are excited to announce that we will be hosting our second Trade Mission to Dublin Ireland for the which will include the globally recognized, must attend, Dublin Tech Summit, May 27th – 30th, 2024.

This year the mission will focus around The Dublin Tech Summit, the place to be for companies in the technology forward and SASS space. On top of complimentary passes to the summit, CED and IATA will be offering curated programing and in market support meetings for all companies a part of the mission!

We are planning a full week of networking, tours, and spending valuable time at the Summit.


Trade Mission: Monday, May 27th – Thursday, May 30th, 2024

Submission of Expression of Interest form below:

NOTE: We recommend you and your team check out dates for AEEP and CanEXPORT reopening dates for additional funding support!

Why Ireland?

Ireland Is:

  • English-speaking, highly skilled, and multicultural

  • Young (one-third of our population are 25 or younger)

  • Well educated (62.9% of 25-34 year-olds have degrees)

  • Located in Europe and a member of the EU

  • A consistent, open and progressive tax regime

  • The Eurozone’s fastest growing economy

A proven destination Industry leaders choose Ireland Across a broad span of industry sectors, Ireland attracts leading global names.

  • Pharmaceuticals - 9 of the top 10

  • Medtech - 14 of the top 15

  • Financial services - 22 of top 25

  • Industrial automation - 9 of the top 10

  • Software - 8 of the top 10 North American

Prime Talent Access: Ireland offers unparalleled access to top-tier talent across various fields, fostering ease in scaling teams with an efficient education system and immigration processes.

Global Hub for Tech: Hosting major tech giants, Ireland's reputation as a strategic technology hub stands unparalleled, with a stable pro-enterprise policy environment and EU membership fostering global market access.

Seamless Business Setup: Benefit from Ireland's proven track record of a business-friendly environment, aligned legal systems, and competitive financial structures supporting growth.

Superior Infrastructure: From quality office spaces to remote working capabilities, Ireland ensures a conducive and supportive workspace for businesses.

Talent-Rich Ecosystem: With one of Europe's strongest STEM talent pipelines, Ireland invests significantly in emerging tech domains, ensuring a future-ready environment for innovation and growth.

EU Membership & Stable Environment: As an EU and Eurozone member, Ireland provides a stable pro-enterprise policy environment, aiding global market access and fostering growth.

Financial Advantages: Benefit from competitive tax structures, banking facilities, and comprehensive support in accounting, payroll, and incentives like grants and R&D tax credits that bolster financial growth.

If you are interested in seeing the potential Ireland holds for your company’s expansion and would like to join us this mission, please complete the short google form above. Please know that you completing the form is not a 100% commitment to the trade mission, it just lets our team know who is interested so we can keep you in the loop and share more about the mission as we move forward!

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